Your Donation Makes a Difference

Most Pathlight HOME residents haven't felt a sense of safety and stability for a long time. Your donation to formerly homeless residents of Orlando makes all the difference and helps them to feel more at home.

  • $15 — A much-needed toiletry kit for a new resident
  •  $25 — A set of bath towels and dish towels
  •  $50 — A new kitchen set including utensils, plates, cups, as well cleaning supplies
  • $75 — Three monthly bus passes for reliable transportation to go to work, doctor’s visits, or other social services 
  • $200 — The cost of groceries for one resident for a month
  • $350 — A new mattress and bed frame for someone who once lived on the streets
  • $550 — A complete furniture set for a new resident, including a bed frame, mattress and box spring, a lamp, and a dresser
  • $1,500 — A full welcome home package for a resident, including furniture, housewares, food and more 
Resident Deborah

Long-Term Gifts 

Help improve the quality of our facilities and ensure the sustainability of our programs. 

  •  Become a Pathlight HERO — Set-up automated monthly donations and be recognized as a Pathlight HERO
  •  Legacy Gift — Remember us as you plan your estate 
  • Asset Sustainability Campaign — Help us retire the $3.5 million debt on our property 
  • Still Dreaming Fund — Support future housing projects and provide quality-of-life improvements for our current facilities 
  • Transportation Assistance Fund — Support program residents in getting around the city through Lyft credits  

Pathlight HOME honors donor designations whenever possible. In rare cases gifts will be used to address the greatest needs. 

Photo of Suntrust Management handing a large check to members of Pathlight HOME staff for a donation to their Goodwill Job Connection Center

Still Dreaming Fund

Our efficiency apartments provide safety, privacy, and stability for our formerly homeless residents. A clean, fresh space that they can call their own. A door that locks. A bathroom where they can bathe in private. A bed to sleep in at night. We provide all these fundamental necessities and more. We’re looking to do even more. In the words of Reverend Maxwell we are "still dreaming" because everyone deserves a home.

What is the Pathlight HOME Still Dreaming Fund?

The Still Dreaming Fund allows the community to support future housing projects and upgrades that would allow Pathlight HOME to provide housing to even more of our homeless neighbors in Orlando.

Photo of the pool area at Maxwell Garden Apartments at Pathlight HOME

Funds may go toward:

  • Permit and building costs for new builds
  •  Renovation and purchasing costs when acquiring more motels
  • Long-term goals for apartment upgrades like kitchenette installations
  • Facility upgrades like new pool furniture and improvements to common areas
  • Renovations to current properties to expand housing options

Give the Gift of Dignity

After their long journey to get here, the opportunity to create a space that feels like their own gives our residents the dignity and sense of pride they deserve. With your donation to the Still Dreaming Fund, we can continue to expand the ways in which we welcome our residents’ home. 

Transportation Assistance Fund

The Obstacle

Once residents move in with us, many of them face transportation challenges. Some have cars in which they had been living while homeless, but many do not have a reliable means of getting around Central Florida.

Just like you, our residents need to be mobile so they can:

  • Go to Work
  • Make Medical Appointments
  • Visit Family and Friends
  • Buy Groceries
  • Run Errands
  • Attend Church or Other Community Groups
  • And More!

Pathlight HOME Restore program residents enjoying a day at the park thanks to help from the Transportation Assistance Fund

Our Approach

As part of a holistic approach to helping our formerly homeless residents succeed, Pathlight HOME alleviates some of the costs of travel. By offering bus passes and Lyft credits to our program residents, we make it easier for them to get where they need to go. But these costs can become substantial with over 600 residents in two facilities.

Help Pathlight HOME Residents Get Around Central Florida

Your donation to the Transportation Assistance Fund means we can offer more passes, more credit and help more of our residents gain a sense of independence and self-reliance.

Pathlight HERO

If you want to make a year-round impact on the lives of formerly homeless men and women, become a Pathlight HERO.  
Dedicating yourself to becoming a Pathlight HERO is the easy and automatic way to make a difference every month. Set up an automated donation of any amount and become a Pathlight HERO today! 

Legacy Gift

If you want to leave behind a legacy, consider us when you plan your estate. Committing to a Legacy Gift cements your impact on Pathlight HOME and the lives of the formerly homeless men and women we serve.

Leaving a Legacy Gift of any amount or donating furniture items, household items or clothing is greatly appreciated and will make a huge difference in the lives of our residents.  

Employer Matching 

Does your employer have a dollars for doers program? We encourage you to find out! You may be able to double your impact on the lives of our formerly homeless residents.  

If you are an employer that offers donation matching, we would love to be included. Schedule a presentation or tour for your employees so they can see first-hand the impact they could be making.   

Photo of members of Second Harvest Food Bank and Pathlight HOME standing in front of a trailer that just donated food to Pathlight HOME

Change a Life Today  

Pathlight HOME honors donor designations whenever possible. In rare cases gifts will be used to address the greatest needs. 


Contact our Development Associate, Gabriella Trevino, at